Monday, September 02, 2002

I've been telling a lot of people to go see the awesome Bellrays (not on this page but live in their face), but nobody seems to listen. They rather go see some stupid but very hip danceshit. I say those people haven't got the balls to experience the BOMB that is the Bellrays live in concert 'cause they'll have to admit that all that hip danceshit they're listening to is empty meaningless CRAP that's only good for backgroundmusic while shopping at the GB or taking the elevator or having a shit at a public toilet (it's especially very good for shitting, may I recommend Royksopp or whatever it's called for improved bowelmovement!). Admit it people after almost 50 years of modern popmusic not crappy computerbeats with some wimpy but fashionable asshole pressing some buttons here and there but loud guitars, thunderdrums and a screaming voice are still what it takes to get your dick hard or your pussy wet (mmm, wet pussy)! Have you got what it takes? Prove it tonight at the Lintfabriek in Kontich 'round 8 o'clock. I'll see you there or I'll know you are a SQUARE! If you are a bit dim and never heard the Bellrays listen to some tracks here: Blues for Godzilla, Hole in the world and Dark horse pidgeon

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Here are the Moistboyz again with another tune of their latest album. Maybe they've been reading this page and agreed with the Whale that it's pretty cheap to just put up part of a song so here's a complete one called 'The Tweaker' and needless to say...