Saturday, August 17, 2002

YES! Finally THE MOISTBOYZ are back to save rock'n'roll from art, girls and green plastic SHIT! Listen to (parts of (cheap bastards!)) Great American Zero and I am the reaper!

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

On Friday in the early afternoon at the 'Give us all your cash and we will fuck you up the ass'-festival The Icarus Line will deliver some good advice to the people : feed a cat to your cobra! (The Whale already knew that) Go here for more psychotic drugrock and look on Soulseek for their great Spacemen 3-cover "Walking with Jesus" (and all the mp3's your harddisc can handle for that matter).

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Just noticed the timetables are up on the Pukkelpopsite and it looks like they let Hermans housemongoloid put the thing together once again. It even looks like they're out to get the Whale! Lotsa Killerfavorites are doubled up at the same time on different stages. Festivals: pay more money to see only half the bands you can and want to see! Since I'm promoting that shit right here I am demanding a free ticket! Every asshole that can make a sentence of 3 words in some stupid magazine or paper can get in for free so it's only natural a downright GENIUS like the Killerwhale should get a free ticket, hell they should give ME money just to show my face! It's not like they need the cash with all those fucking sponsors, I even wonder why anyone has go to pay? Fuck festivals, fuck Choco and fuck the nazis! (oh yeah, don't call me a fucking racist for calling that socialist dicksucker Chokri Choco, it's got nothing to do with the dude's skin, you don't judge people on their skincolor, that's fucking stupid, you judge people on their taste in music!)
Since I'm at it anyway, I'll put some more stuff up right now so I can be lazy again for a couple of weeks. On friday the amazing Def Juxcollective will boggle your potfried minds with Willy Wonka Wordplay and Super Scary Soundscapes! More Defjukies here and here
Loads of barely dressed teenage girls, potsmoking pillpopping and just allround annoying teenageboys, overaged bastards pretending they're still teenagers and one cool Killerwhale. That's right Pukkelpop is coming up. Once again El Choco managed to get some seriously good bands lined up which is a true miracle since the belgian musicgestapo is involved in this one and they've got tons of crap to push. If you wanna be as cool as the Killerwhale I'm gonna give you some pointers on what's hot and what's not in the Whale's universe. First up is the motherfucking tribute to the Stooges, fuck Iggy and his hairmetalband this is the real deal. Here's some footage of a show in London last year they did with Primal Screamer Bobby G. on vocals and attacking the crowd Iggystyle! More to come...
I promised myself to put some more work into this page but now I learned my lesson.