Friday, May 17, 2002

Unfortunately the Killerwhale has got to miss all this greatness 'cause he's got tickets for the soldout And you will know us by the extralarge concertposters so they can fit our name on them show in the AB-club. Yes, it's a great band at the AB, I guess they've got so much cash to throw around they can't do nothing else than let a good band play sometimes!
Also on sundaynight it's a FREE bluesfestival in Brussels headlined by the mighty André Williams with dutch trashrockers Green Hornet! André can even get der Mussolini to shake a tailfeather! It's the black godfather with his hit squad live in Europe! I can tell ya he's got it and you want it!
Rock'n'roll overload! Rock'n'roll overload! That's right sundaynight it's a rock'n'roll overload, no less than 3, yes three, fucking great rock'n'rollshows! First up is it's speedmetalpunks ZEKE in JH t'Hoekske in Gierle of all places! I don't think they're gonna get drugs there. Fortunately Holland is closeby! If you can't go (like yours truly) you still can watch'em!

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

The dudes in Super_Collider used to be part of the nazibeatmovement 'till they saw the light and decided da Funk was the way to go, and what a way they went! Their tunes are the perfect soundtrack to the Killerwhale's legendary druginduced freakoutsexsessions and that's a fucking hard scene to put music to I tell ya!
Since they blew all their cash on their new record they ask you, the public, to help them promote it. Although they're to cheap to put up some free music the Killerwhale orders you in the name of the holy fight against crap to download this poster and put it up anywhere you think the magic sounds of Super_Collider are needed.
Listen how giant star xi Hya blows away the universe (and all boring drum'n'bass, techno, house or whatever they call that nazibeatshit)!
Japanese moviemadness tonight : Lady Snowblood : Love Song of Vengeance, female samourai bloodshed! 21.15 Campus Parkstraat Leuven

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

I wonder how much dope got smoked here?
Everybody must see the only great film ever made in Flanders (besides "Zware Jongens" of course). It's PRINCESS at Cinemazed.

Monday, May 13, 2002

Skating to 70's hardrock is cool!

Sunday, May 12, 2002

Treat yourself to some live Motorpsycho right here (get the Rockefeller 2001 show as it features a jazzband). Support the guy who put all this great shit up here.